If you have a motor home weighing max 3,500 kg, you can benefit from Storebælt’s new service. You get both a discounted price and drive through the tolls station faster. Only requirement is that you have a Storebælt Privat agreement, pay with bizz or PayByPlate and register your motor home with A/S Storebælt.

The new service will take effect on 1 October 2020 and is implemented to make it easier for motorhomes to pass the toll station.

In addition to getting quickly through the green Express Lanes when you pass the Great Belt toll plaza, you can also use your Bizz in both the car and the motorhome, without having to worry about paying the right price at the toll plaza. You can also use the new option if you pay with the number plate.

If you have not registered your motorhome, you pay a list price of DKK 610 when you drive across the Storebælt Bridge. With registration of your motorhome and fulfillment of the other requirements, you pay DKK 295 for the trip across the Storebælt Bridge.

Register your motorhome

Once you have entered the information, our Customer Service will make the registration and then notify you.

Motor home information

  • Max. file size: 5 MB.
  • Dette felt er til validering og bør ikke ændres.