A service for motor homes (max 3,500 kg) on Storebælt.

If you have a motor home weighing max 3,500 kg, you can benefit from Storebælt’s new service. Only requirement is that you have a Storebælt Privat agreement, pay with bizz or PayByPlate and register your motor home with A/S Storebælt.

After that you pay a maximum of DKK 295 when you cross the Storebælt Bridge in your motor home. At the same time, you can use your bizz in your passenger car after the motor home ride and then pay the price for a passenger car. It is flexible and you use the same bizz. If you pay with PayByPlate when you cross the Storebælt bridge in your motor home, you can also use this service.

Please note that as of 1 October, 2020, all motor homes (max 3,500 kg) must be registered with Storebælt – and have a Storebælt Privat agreement and use bizz or PaybyPlate – to obtain the discounted price and drive quickly through the toll station. You will of course also be able to sign up after 1 October.

You can also use all lanes at the toll station – including the express lanes.

Motor home information

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