On 1 January 2021, commercial vehicles can obtain a 13% green discount on the trip across the Storebælt Bridge. We have gathered all the new prices for all vehicle classes here – please be aware that a number of requirements must be met before you can obtain the discount.

The new green discount is an immediate discount of 13% per passage, which is deducted from the list price and is given only to commercial vehicles that meet a number of requirements.

Your vehicle must at least comply with Euronorm 6, or be an electric or hydrogen car and be registered on a Storebælt Business agreement. In addition, the vehicle must use automatic payment, and the vehicle’s ‘Licens plate’, ‘Country code’ and ‘Euronorm’ or ‘Power type’ must be registered with your toll service provider *. You can read more about Euronorm here.

The data you register with your toll service provider must be linked to the bizz used on the trip across the Storebælt Bridge – and correspond to the specific vehicle in which the bizz is mounted.

At the same time, your vehicle must be registered in a country where A / S Storebælt can perform an automatic validation in that country’s motor register. The following countries meet this requirement: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, the UK, Lithuania and Finland.

If your vehicle comes from a country other than the seven countries mentioned, you must send registration certificates for each of your vehicles to either A / S Storebælt or to your toll service provider – this will also give you a discount. For the handling of registration certificates and manual check of registration certificates with the authorities of the country in question, you pay an administration fee of 6.5% of the list price per passage.

Sign up for a Storebælt Business agreement and/or upload registration certificate

No green vehicles?

Business customers who use vehicles that are not ‘green’ will pay list price after 1 January 2021, regardless of whether they pay in cash, by card or by automatic payment, and regardless of whether they have a Storebælt Business agreement.

Random checks will be performed

Storebælt will check the submitted information, and if there are discrepancies between the registered data and the actual vehicle, A / S Storebælt can issue a fee of DKK 600.

Published earlier this year

The green discount on the Storebælt Bridge was presented in April, when Minister of Transport Benny Engelbrecht and the conciliation parties announced that companies would face a new and green discount structure on the Storebælt Bridge. Since then the Green discount has been postponed and certain elements in Green discount have been adjusted. Read more about the announcement

* Toll service providers: BroBizz A / S, Øresundsbron, AutoPASS, DKV, Eurowag, Total and Telepass