The green discount will only be given to commercial vehicles, and it will only apply to vehicles that meet Euronorm 6+ and to hydrogen or electric vehicles. Moreover, you must also have a Storebælt Business Agreement and use an automatic payment method approved by Storebælt (bizz and licence plate) when you pass the Storebælt Bridge.

The green discount is an immediate discount of 13% per passage, which is deducted from the standard list price. It will replace the current business, bizz and sales/volume discounts. 

New requirements for registration

In order for A/S Storebælt to grant you a green discount your toll service provider must enable you to provide information about your vehicles. The information needed is as follows: 

  • Licence plate number, 
  • Country code – the country code on the licence plate 
  • Euronorm – also known as Euro Emission Class or 
  • Power type – hydrogen or electricity   

These data must be linked to the automatic payment method used by the you when crossing the Storebælt Bridge and they must correspond to the specific vehicle used on the passage.  

A/S Storebælt will conduct random checks, and if it turns out that there are discrepancies between the data provided and the data recorded at the passage, you will be charged a fee of DKK 600 in addition to the normal price. 

Time to prepare

As a result of the political statement, A/S Storebælt will now begin to prepare its systems to handle the new discounts.

Your Toll Service Provider will inform when they are ready to receive data from you.