About the Storebælt Private agreement

You’re signing up for a Storebælt Private agreement. A Storebælt Private agreement gives you access to current Storebælt discounts.

On the previous page, you stated that you have a bizz issued by

  • Another issuer, e.g. Autopass

Your bizz must be from an issuer approved by A/S Storebælt. You can find an overview of approved issuers for Storebælt here.

You must use your bizz when using the Storebælt crossing so that we can identify you and charge you for the trips you make via the correct issuer of your bizz.

When you click on "Continue" below, you must fill out a form to apply for a Storebælt Private Agreement. You will need to fill in some information that we need to set up your agreement.

Please note that your application will be processed manually by our customer service team as soon as possible. You will be notified as soon as your bizz has been finally registered for Storebælt Privat, so you get a discount on the Storebælt Bridge.

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