Autumn can offer a lot of wind, and we therefore recommend that you find out about the wind conditions before driving over the bridge. Vehicles and vulnerability to wind

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A bizz doesn't automatically give you a discount. You must sign up for a Storebælt agreement to get discounts. The agreement only applies on the Storebælt Bridge and not other bridges.

If you are registered for automatic license plate payment from Brobizz, you automatically have a Storebælt agreement and therefore always get applicable discounts.

If you have a bizz without Storebælt agreement, or if you use a debit card or cash, you always pay list price.

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Remember to sign up for a Storebælt agreement so you can get discounts.

Remember to update your payment card with your issuer

Remember to place your bizz in the windscreen correctly, as close to the rearview mirror as possible.

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Stay up to date by SMS or e-mail with announcements about the weather and traffic conditions on the Storebælt Bridge.

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Language: English