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Get through the toll booth hassle-free

The signs at the Storebælt Bridge toll booth have different colours to make it easy to see which lane to use.

Green lane: Express

You can use this lane if you use an automatic payment option such as a bizz or number plate payment agreement. If you have an automatic payment agreement by way of a bizz or a number plate payment agreement, your bizz will always be prioritised as your payment method. You can drive at up to 50 km/h through the express lanes.

See how to drive through the green express lanes:

Blue lane: Card

In card lanes you can use Danish and foreign payment cards, truck cards, and fuel cards, as well as eBooking, bizz, and number plate payment agreements.

The barrier will open once you have selected your payment method. This enables you to manually select whether you want to pay using your bizz or your number plate payment agreement.

You can use the following cards

American Express, Q8, Dankort, Routex, Diners, Shell (not Shell Private), Electron, YX Truck, JCB, UTA, Maestro, Visa, Mastercard, Circle K, and OK

Yellow lane: Cash

You must use this lane if you want to pay with cash.

In this lane, you must use our self-service terminals where you insert notes and/or coins into terminal to pay for your crossing.

Remember that you can always get assistance by pressing the red help button on the terminal screen. Our customer service agents are always ready to help you.

You can also pay by card, eBooking, bizz, or your number plate payment agreement in the cash lanes. However, it will be quicker to use the card lanes to pay by card.

You can pay with DKK and EUR. You will always receive your change in DKK. The exchange rate will be calculated at the daily exchange rate, plus Storebælt’s exchange costs.

See how to pay using the yellow cash lanes:

How the price is calculated

When you drive through the Storebælt toll booth, the price is calculated automatically based on the vehicle’s length, weight, and height. When measuring length, towbars and overhanging or loose objects as well as trailers are included.

This means that if you have a bicycle at the back of the car, for example, the bicycle is included in your vehicle’s overall length.

Surcharge for non-payment

If you drive through the toll booth without paying, A/S Storebælt will charge a surcharge of DKK 600 in addition to the regular price.

The same applies if, in connection with using a green discount for commercial vehicles, there are discrepancies between the data registered and the actual vehicle. Also in this case a DKK 600 surcharge will apply.

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Language: English