About the Storebælt Business agreement

You are signing up for a Storebælt Business agreement.

On the previous page, you stated that you have an AutoBizz or a bizz issued by one of the following issuers:​

  • Brobizz A/S
  • ØresundPAY​

To create your Storebælt Business agreement, we will contact your issuer in order to link your bizz to your new agreement.

When you submit your request for a Storebælt Business agreement on the following page, you will receive an e-mail from us. In the e-mail, you can find out more about the opportunities that a Storebælt Business agreement offers you as a business customer, and things that you need to be aware of. The agreement provides, for example, access to the green discount for the Storebælt crossing if you meet the other requirements for a green discount for business customers. Read more in the e-mail or here.

When you click “Continue” below, you will begin your registration for a Storebælt Business agreement. We will ask you for your e-mail address and bizz number, which we will share with your issuer in order to set up your Storebælt Business agreement.

Please note that it can take up to two hours from submitting your registration via this form for your Storebælt Business agreement to be fully set up and for you to have access to the green discount on the Storebælt crossing.

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