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Green discount for the Storebælt Bridge

If your commercial vehicle meets the requirements for the green discount, you can save 13% on your trips across the Storebælt Bridge. 

Green discount

The green discount is an instant discount of 13% per crossing that is granted to “green” commercial vehicles. A number of requirements must be met in order to get the green discount. Get an overview of prices here

How to meet the requirements for the green discount

The vehicle must comply with Euro standard 6 as a minimum or be an electric or hydrogen vehicle.

The vehicle must be registered for a Storebælt Business agreement.

The vehicle must use either a bizz or number plate payment agreement to pay automatically, and the vehicle’s number plate, country code, and Euro standard or fuel type must be registered with your issuer.*The registered data must be linked to the automatic payment solution used to cross the Storebælt Bridge and correspond to the vehicle that the automatic payment solution is fitted to.

*Issuers: Brobizz A/S, Øresundsbron, DKV, TotalEnergies, AutoPASS, Telepass, Toll4Europe, Axxès, tolltickets og SkyttelPASS

There is no administration fee if your vehicle is from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Lithuania, or Finland.

If your vehicle is registered in one of the following countries – Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Lithuania, or Finland – A/S Storebælt will automatically validate your vehicle in the respective country’s vehicle database. No administration fee is payable.

Vehicles from other countries pay a fee

If your vehicle comes from a country other than the seven listed, you must send your registration certificates in PDF format and the VIN number/chassis number for each vehicle either to your issuing company or to A/S Storebælt. This way you can also obtain a discount. If the Euro emissions standard does not appear on your registration certificate, the documentation for the Euro emissions standard must be submitted as part of the PDF file.

For the manual processing of registration certificates and checking of VIN numbers, you must pay an administration fee of DKK 200 per registration certificate.

Order a Storebælt Business agreement and/or upload your registration certificate here

Questions and answers about green discount

Can we get a discount for our commercial vehicles if we don’t meet the criteria for the green discount?

Business customers that use vehicles that do not meet the requirements for the green discount will pay the list price whether they pay by card, cash, bizz, or number plate payment agreement and regardless of whether they have a Storebælt Business agreement.

What are Euro standards?

The Euro emissions standards set limits for the pollution generated by new vehicles, which is an indication of the vehicle’s environmental credentials.

Euro standards are regulated by the EU. This means that all new vehicles sold in the EU must comply with the applicable standard, regardless of where in the world they are produced.

Over the years, the requirements have become stricter. The requirements have resulted in vehicles emitting fewer substances.

Diesel and petrol cars have their own Euro standards with different emission requirements. The same goes for vans, buses, trucks, motorcycles, and mopeds. Hybrid vehicles also have a Euro standard, although electric cars have no Euro standard as they generate no emissions.

Find your vehicle’s Euro standard

You can find out a vehicle’s Euro standard by referring to the vehicle’s registration certificate or looking it up in the Danish vehicle register.

What happens if there is a discrepancy between the registered information and the actual vehicle?

Storebælt will check the registered information. If there are any discrepancies between the registered information and the actual vehicle, A/S Storebælt may issue a penalty of DKK 600 per trip made with an unjustified discount.

Language: English

Language: English