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What do I do if I have sustained damage to my vehicle while crossing the Storebælt Bridge?

On this page, you can learn what you should do if your vehicle is damaged while crossing the Storebælt Bridge or passing through the toll booth.

What do I do if I have sustained damage to my vehicle while crossing the Storebælt Bridge?

A/S Storebælt apologizes for the unfortunate experience you had while crossing the Storebælt Bridge. If your vehicle is insured, you should contact your insurance company and report the damage as soon as possible after the incident. Your insurance company will then begin to process the case.

If the insurance company decides that a claim needs to be filed, they will inform you about the further steps in the process. If your insurance company requests documentation of the incident at the toll booth, you or your insurance company can fill out the following form.

Once the form is submitted, Storebælt A/S will prepare an incident report with information about the damage. As soon as the report is ready, you will receive it by e-mail.

Who is responsible for the damage?

It can vary from case to case who is responsible for the damage on your vehicle. It depends on where and how the damage occurred, among other things.

If Storebælt is responsible for the damage the damage, the expenses for repairing your vehicle will be covered by A/S Storebælt. If you are responsible for the damage, you or your insurance company will need to cover the repair costs for your vehicle.

A/S Storebælt may also contact your car’s liability insurance for compensation if there is damage to our facilities.

What do I do if I disagree with the decision of the case?

If you disagree with the allocation of blame, you can file a complaint with the Ankenævn for Forskring. Your insurance company can provide you with further information on this matter.

My car has been hit by lost cargo on the Storebælt Bridge – what do I do?

Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that cargo is lost on the Storebælt Bridge. Even though we respond quickly to remove it, strong wind can easily move the lost cargo, potentially causing damage to vehicles crossing the bridge.

A/S Storebælt is not liable for lost cargo from other vehicles and the damages it may cause. If your vehicle has been damaged due to lost cargo, we encourage you to contact your insurance company.

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