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Emergency preparedness and safety

It’s important to us that it’s just as safe driving across the Storebælt Bridge as it is driving on motorways on land.

24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Wind, weather, and traffic conditions are different on the Storebælt Bridge than on ordinary motorways. This places special demands on us - as we are responsible for the operation and maintenance of the bridge - as well as on you as a motorist.

Under normal conditions, the Storebælt Bridge is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. As the wind mostly blows from the west and the bridge runs in an east-west direction, there are usually no problems caused by even strong winds.

High-tech fire truck

The Storebælt Bridge has a specially designed fire truck known as the “Brosprøjten”, which is an important element in emergency preparedness on the Storebælt Bridge.

The fire truck is equipped with a 14-metre long boom and a remotely controlled water cannon that can spray water from the outside of the bridge and reach otherwise difficult-to-reach and critical places. This means that the fire truck is able to cope with more ‘normal’ accidents on the bridge, as well as more serious incidents.

In addition, Brosprøjten is equipped with a salvage grill on the rear to move vehicles away from the bridge in the event of an emergency.

All the crew at Korsør fire station are trained in using the fire truck, and it has been in operation with Slagelse Fire and Rescue since December 2020.

You can watch a demo of the fire truck here:

Mobile crash barriers to divert traffic

Mobile crash barriers have been installed on the Storebælt Bridge. They make it possible to divert traffic around an accident, such as a fire in the event of a prolonged closure in one direction, or when employees are carrying out maintenance work on the bridge.

The mobile crash barriers are part of an extensive safety package based on the latest technology in the field. By redirecting traffic, we increase road safety for motorists and staff when they’re working on the ongoing maintenance of the bridge.

Depending on the extent of the accident, in collaboration with the police, we assess whether to activate the mobile crash barriers. If an accident only closes the crossing for a short time, this could result in more of an inconvenience than a benefit, as the total delay to motorists could be greater due to the reduced speed and traffic capacity in both directions when using bi-directional traffic.

Watch the video about the assembly of the mobile crash barrier (In danish):

Safety brochure

In our safety brochure "Cross the Storebælt Bridge safely", you can read more about what to do if you break down on the bridge.

Download the safety brochure

We are prepared for an emergency

It’s essential that we are prepared for emergencies in order to reduce the extent of an accident for the benefit of motorists and the crossing itself.

We regularly review our emergency preparedness for the Storebælt Bridge. For example, we have stepped up our fire safety efforts.

In collaboration with the relevant authorities, we’re prepared should an accident occur on the Storebælt Bridge, whatever the time of day.

The following bodies are part of the Storebælt Bridge’s emergency preparedness:

  • South Zealand and Lolland-Falster police
  • Fyn police
  • Centre for Emergency Preparedness, Slagelse Municipality
  • Roads & Emergency Preparedness, Nyborg Municipality
  • Zealand Emergency Preparedness Board
  • South Jutland Emergency Preparedness Board
  • Region Zealand Health Emergency Preparedness
  • Region Southern Denmark Health Emergency Preparedness
  • Danish Railways
  • DSB
A good work environment

A/S Storebælt is actively working to be an attractive place to work by looking after our employees’ safety, health, and wellbeing. Our objective is to ensure a healthy and safe work environment that is free from occupational accidents.

The work environment conditions in connection with traffic and working at our toll booth facilities for the Storebælt Bridge are especially critical in this regard. Our efforts are based on a work environment policy and management system that supports continuous improvement.

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Language: English