Sign up for a Storebælt Business contract to get the best discounts when passing the Storebælt Bridge.

To sign up for a Storebælt Business contract, you need to take out a contract with an OBE provider approved by Storebælt, e.g. BroBizz A/S, Øresund Bridge, etc.

When the contract with the OBE provider has been created and you have received your OBEs, you should contact Storebælt Business to get the OBEs registered to the discount contract, Storebælt Business. 

Storebælt’s payment system can read OBEs from a number of different companies. You can see which ones here.

If you have an OBE from AutoPASS, DKV, Eurowag, Total/AS24 or Telepass, you can sign up to a Storebælt agreement here.


Create eBookings online. eBooking is the electronic voucher system for our business customers . eBooking is offered to freight and bus companies. In order to use eBooking, it is a requirement that the company has a commercial agreement with A/S Storebælt.