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How do I update the information for my bizz?

If, for example, you have received a new payment card, have moved, or the like, you must update your details with the company that issued your bizz.

  • If you have a bizz or number plate payment agreement from Brobizz A/S, you can update your information by logging in to the Brobizz app or at Brobizz' website.
  • If you have an ØresundBizz® issued by the Øresund Bridge please visit the Øresund Bridge website.
  • If you have a Fremtind Service bizz, contact Fremtind Service.
  • If you have a DKV bizz, contact DKV.
  • If you have a TotalEnergies bizz, contact TotalEnergies.
  • If you have a Telepass bizz, contact Telepass.
  • If you have a SkyttelPASS A/S bizz, contact SkyttelPASS.
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