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How do we get the Green discount for the Storebælt Bridge?

As a business customer, you have the opportunity to get a Green discount on the Storebælt Bridge if you meet a number of requirements.

How to get the Green discount

The Green discount is an immediate discount of 13 % off the list price granted to commercial vehicles that meet Euro 6 as a minimum or which are hydrogen or electric cars. In addition, the vehicle must use automatic payment and have a Storebælt Business agreement.

The registration agreement states whether the vehicle meets the requirements. If you have a Danish vehicle, you can see this by looking in the Danish vehicle database here (in danish only).

You must enter and register your vehicle details with your issuer. These details are then shared with Storebælt.

What should we do if we forget to enter the Euro standard of our vehicle?

It’s important that you remember to enter the necessary vehicle details with your issuer.

If you forget to enter anything with your issuer, you won’t get a discount, regardless of whether the vehicle meets the requirements.

What happens if we enter an incorrect registration number with our issuer?

If you enter an incorrect registration number, you won’t get a discount when you drive through the toll booth.

When driving through the toll booth, your bizz, your car, and your Storebælt Business agreement must all match up.

Why do we have to pay a fee for some of our vehicles?

Storebælt cannot automatically validate vehicles in the “Other countries” category. Consequently, a fee is charged for checking the vehicle’s VIN number. No fee is payable for vehicles from the following countries: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Lithuania, the Netherlands, and the UK.

Can we get the Green discount with eBooking?

No, you cannot get the green discount with eBooking. You pay the list price with eBooking.

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