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How do I get the disability discount on the Storebælt Bridge?

Storebælt offers a Storebælt Handicap Agreement, which is administered by the Danish Handicap Organisation.

With a Storebælt Handicap Agreement, disabled vehicles get a special discount, so drivers with a disability can drive over the bridge for DKK 157. The application process is administered by Danish Handicap Organizations.

Before you can apply for Storebælt Handicap, you must have a number plate payment from Brobizz or ØresundPAY.

Read more about Storebælt Handicap.

Please note

From 14 June 2023, is it for cars registered in Denmark only possible to apply for Storebælt Handicap for a number plate payment.

If you already have Storebælt Handicap on a bizz, it continues unchanged for the time being. If you get a new vehicle or a new number plate you can in the future only apply for Storebælt Handicap for number plate payment if you car is registred in Denmark.

If your car is registered abroad it is still possible to apply for Storebælt Handicap for a bizz.

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